Unique creations

The history of Emö range

A forge, an anvil: Her
A chair, a table: Him


This leads to a drawing, a sketch of a console made by Caroline.
Valentin conceptualizes this drawing and raises the possibilities by thinking about lights, with the same design.
Some prototypes of lights are created in the workshop of St Jean de la Motte, in France.

The Emö range was born. It is made of sharing, pleasure, and a touch of humor. There is also emotions, some discussions, skills and exchanges.

Caroline and Valentin created the first chapter of this story, with the creation of luminaires.

Caroline et Valentin

Raw state materials



Conception of our collection with our basic material, iron, we forge manually, no industrial machine in the workshop.



We collaborate with a local carpenter for the creation of our bases and our wood parts for the customer’s projects and also for the Emö range. We mostly use ash, oak and beech.



For our Emö lights, we work with a local tapestry who supply us leather (lamb skin). They work on cut, seams and the assembly on a metal base supplied by us.


Copper and brass

These two materials are worked directly in the k-del workshop. Heated, folded, pinched, breadth, all these steps are made in St Jean de la Motte.

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