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Un partage de savoir-faire

K-del loves sharing skills in a project, an idea, skills with local craftsmen like carpenter-cabinetmaker, upholsterer, glassmakers…

The Emö range is based on this local collaboration to enrich it with new materials and skills.


A profession, a passion


K-del works with design schools of products and professionals high schools for woodworking and boiler making.

The students draw and conceptualize their furniture (table, chair or console), we act for the validation of their parts in forged iron. A discussion in the workshop is done to familiarize them with the different possibilities of the material.

For the Emö range, we also work with the professional high school for the creation of the transport box in wood.


K-del also works with local associations to do demonstrations of the forge in the St Jean de la motte workshop to find out the different technics of forge and the familial history.

Des associations de découverte du patrimoine vivants en Sarthe, des club d’entreprise, des écoles, des centres sociaux.

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